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Sales, Referrals, and Getting Paid

When and How do I get paid?

You get paid if your profit reaches at least $10 in one calendar month.

A check will be mailed to you 45 days after the close of that month.

For example, if you make $10 worth of profit in September, you will be getting your check November 15th.

How can I find out if I've sold anything?

To find out if you've sold items, go into "My Account" and then select "Sales Reports". An Order Summary will be presented that shows the types and quantities of items ordered. The Completed Orders Summary will tell you how many orders have been completed - paid for and shipped to buyers. To see more details about the items contained in the Summary, click on "View ALL Orders". This shows the dates ordered, the store names, order status, buyer's name, and more info about each item ordered and your commissions. (Danes-R-Us)

How can I get referrals?

Simply tell others that if they open a CafePress store you get credit. Tell them when they sign up and are asked to enter the refering store ID to enter your stores ID "birds" or what ever it may be.

What is the PSP program? Does it still exist? How does it work?

The PSP program is the "Preferred Store Program," and is essentially just the CafePress pricing structure that provides lower baseprices -- and as such higher profits -- for stores that sell a certain number of items in a month.

The items sold can be of any product and/or design and the PSP price will be applied to all items. So you could sell 10 shirts, 5 mugs and 7 flying discs for a total of 22 items and the lower PSP price would apply to any and all items you sold that month.

Be aware that special items -- like the disks, lunch bags, etc. -- count towards the quantity of items you sell, but do not have lowered prices.

See the full pricing structure on the Cafe Press Web Site. (Nathan from My Dog Murphy's Patriotic T-shirts)

What does the entry "[Month] PSP Adjustment" under Adjustments mean on my Sales Reports page?

In any month where you sell more than 20 items, you qualify for the Premium Store Owner Program, or PSP. This PSP Pricing Chart shows you the difference in the prices between the standard (0-19 items sold in a month) and PSP prices. You will receive a PSP adjustment for any month when you sold 20 or more items - as an adjustment to your CafePress account balance.