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Building Your Store

How do I start building my own store at CafePress?

Too long to place here but you may wish to visit the link at the bottom of this post and actually see how to do it. Easy to understand instructions with plenty of screen caps make this eeeasy.

Hope it helps.


Why can I only add one of each kind of product to my store? How can I have more than one t-shirt in a store? (Or more than one cap, etc.)

CafePress' current system only allows one of each kind of item in a store. If you'd like to have more than one shirt, cap or anything else, you'd have to create another store. (Luckily, creating another store is pretty easy.)

Then when linking to your store, add any other store IDs you'd like to combine onto the end of your store URL, separated with commas.

For example, if you had three store IDs, catstore, dogstore and cowstore, you could link to them all together like this:,dogstore,cowstore

How do I add products to my CafePress store?

There are two ways to add new products to stores -- one for basic stores and another for premium stores. With both types, go to the "Create and Manage" section of your account. There will be a list of your shops. For basic, choose "Products." For premium, it's "Sections + Products." In your basic store, there is a button to add products. There will be one of each type of product. When you have added everything, there will be nothing left on the blank products page. Your basic store will be full. With premium stores, there's a green button (second from the left) that says ADD A PRODUCT. You can add products from the page of blanks, but it never gets empty. You can have several of anything available in the store, in whatever arrangement you wish, by product, by design, or by both. In premium stores, you can also import items or move items. The IMPORT button on the far right lets you select items to copy from one place to another, either from another premium section or from a basic store. The MOVE CHECKED ITEMS button (second from the right) lets you take items out of that section and place them in another section. -- You can't put them back into basic stores this way. IMPORT is also great for adding entire sections of blanks from a hidden section. Just add images and descriptions. Lorilei from Artist at Work

What's a good price to charge for a t-shirt? A mug? A cap?

That's really up to you. This is the sort of question that's plagued retailers for centuries: how much do I charge?

The primary considerations are:

  1. Supply and Demand
    Are your designs unique? If someone really wanted to buy it, could they find something just like it somewhere else?
  2. your desire for profit
    Are you expecting to make money off of your products, or do you simply want the satisfaction of knowing people are buying things with your design on them?
  3. your customer base
    Who are your customers/visitors? Are they wealthy, young, old, likely to buy online?
If you're still confused, try a $2 or $3 markup on everything. It's pricey, but still enough to make it worth the work.

Can I change the order of the products in my store?

Unfortunately, with the current CafePress system, you can't change the default ordering of products in your store. The only way you can control the product order is to host the store yourself, on your own site. (Which you can do by coding it yourself, or using a script like cpshop.)

How do I link to my store(s)? Can I cross-link several stores?

You can link to more than one store by separating them with commas... for example,,cuddle,cuzkids,cuzbabies,cuzholidays

How should I name my stores? Does it make a difference how I name them?

For stores with multiple designs or categories, it can become quite complex just to keep track of all of the stores.

Your first store (we'll call it your "mainstore") should have a name that you want associated with your products. If your store is affiliated with an existing product line or website, you will proabably want to reference that in a way that will be understandable to people who already know the product or site. You will also want the name to be as short as possible. For my store, for the site I help run called "Simpsons Collector Sector", I named the "mainstore" scsector.

"Underneath" my "mainstore", I create other stores (we'll call them "substores") for categories (shirts, hats, cups, etc) and stores "underneath" those (we'll call them "microstores") that only feature products in a single category with a single design.

When I want a new category, I create a new "substore" called "scsector" + a few letters for the category. Shirts are "sh" and cups are "cup", etc. Use whatever letters mean something to you. In the description of the store, I write "Simpsons Collector Sector: ".

Each design I make I give a number, starting with 1 and going up. When I name my "microstore", I name it "scsector" + category letters + design number. Shirts with my #1 design on them go in a "microstore" called "scsectorsh1" and cups go in "scsectorcup1".

Please see the other FAQ questions about multiple stores for more information. (phalen from Simpsons Collector Sector)

When I'm setting up my store, should I fill out the Classification section (keywords, categories, average age and gender information)? What is that information used for?

makes sense to me i'm not an expert but i think this section helps the seeach results

What does it mean to make my store "Private"? Does it make a difference?

When re-open their store directory, this option will determine whether your store will be in the directory. (Matthew from The ARMAC Store)

How can I organize a store with multiple designs and categories so that my customers are not overwhelmed?

For stores with multiple designs or categories, it can become quite complex just to keep track of all of the stores and cross-link them. A crucial part of organizing large numbers of stores is how you name them. Check out the FAQ entry on naming stores for more information before going on.

Another thing that is important is that only the "customization" for the first store you list will show up. You can use that to your advantage and create a "mainstore" and "substores" for each category without any products. Instead, the "mainstore" would feature links to each category and links to highlighted products, along with general information on your store. The category stores would have navigation which allows customers to move between categories and highlights featured products for that category.

Your "mainstore", we'll call it 'mystore' then has these links to different categories. The numbers in the links are different designs. Design #1 on a tshirt goes into mystoresh1, etc.

  • Shirts -, mystoresh1, mystoresh2, mystoresh3
  • Cups -, mystorecup1, mystorecup2, mystorecup3
  • Limited -, mystoreltd1, mystoreltd2, mystoreltd3
Here's an example of my "Shirts" category:, scsectorsh1, scsectorsh2, scsectorsh3, scsectorsh4, scsectorsh5, scsectorsh6, scsectorsh7

You might also have links that let your customers shop by design. In this case, you need a navigation store for each design, too. I name mine after the store + "des" + the design number. Use them the same way that you use the category stores, for navigation and product highlighting.

  • Design 1 -, mystoresh1, mystorecup1, mystoreltd1
  • Design 2 -, mystoresh2, mystorecup2, mystoreltd2
  • Design 3 -, mystoresh3, mystorecup3, mystoreltd3
Here's an example of my "shop by design" store:

Even if you don't have a product for a particular category and design, you can create a store with no products and no customizations as a "placeholder" in case you ever decide to add one in the future. That way, you'll only have to change your links if you add a new category or design, not just for adding new products with the same designs.

Please see the other FAQ questions about multiple stores for more information. (phalen from Simpsons Collector Sector)